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We are Shorebird

We are Shorebird

There’s more to it than just plain old recruitment. It’s about how your employee brand and reputation is seen in the market and how we can help you leverage this in the war for talent. It’s how you manage and interact with you applicants to enhance their desire to work for you. And it’s about how you engage and communicate with your people once they’re onboard – because once you’ve found each other, maintaining the ongoing attraction is critical.

Of course, tactical ad placement is important and of course, we do this particularly well, but we also know that a candidate’s experience of you during the whole attractrecruitengage process makes a difference. That’s why we are more than just a recruitment advertising agency.

We are Shorebird. And we can help you.

  • Attract – Make the best talent yours
  • Recruit – The candidate experience matters
  • Engage – Your employees are your reputation
  • Partner – Your secret weapon in recruitment

To explore a package of support to suit your needs, whether that’s a one-off campaign, ongoing volume recruitment or everything in between, why not get in touch with us.

Or, you can visit our dedicated We are Shorebird website at: http://www.weareshorebird.co.uk

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